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Sending Timorese youth overseas: Finding employment or achieving development objectives?

Historically, sending young Timorese overseas is not new for Timor Leste and the Timorese people. Even some of our founding fathers and the current leaders of this nation went overseas for study or for work during Portuguese and Indonesian times, traveling to Portugal, Mozambique, Indonesia, and Australia. This continues even until today. Since our independence in 2002 many Timorese have travelled overseas, some for studies under development partner and government scholarships, and some for work, posts in embassies and consuls in countries throughout the world. Many thousands have accessed Portuguese passports, to find shelter and employment in the United Kingdom and other European countries. Timorese moving to and working in another country is not a new thing.                  Source: Timor News, (6/12/2021) This short article aims to explore an important question: does Timorese youth going overseas simply achieve a short-term goal of finding, jobs or does it also help Timor Leste to

Haruka foin-sa'e Timor-oan sira ba rai seluk: Buka servisu ka atinji objetivu dezenvolvimentu nian?

Istorikamente, haruka foin-sa'e Timoroan sira ba rai liur la'ós ona kontextu foun ba Timor-Leste no povu Timor rasik. Ita-nia aman fundadór balun no lider sira husi nasaun ne'e, barak maka ba hala’o estudu no hala’o servisu iha rai-li'ur durante tempu kolonializasaun Portuges no invazaun Indonezia nian, hodi halo viajen ba Portugal, Mosambike, Indonezia no  Australia. Kontextu refere nafatin kontinua to'o ohin loron. Hahu kedas husi ita-nia independénsia iha tinan 2002, Timor-oan barak mak halo viajen ba rai-li'ur, balun ba hala’o estudu liu husi apoiu parseiru dezenvolvimentu sira nian no bolsa estudu governu nian, no barak mos maka ba tamba razaun servisu, postu iha embaixada no konsul iha nasaun sira iha mundu tomak. Ema rihun ba rihun maka asesu ona pasaporte portugés, hodi hetan hela-fatin no servisu iha Reinu Unidu no nasaun Europeia sira seluk. Timor-oan sira ne'ebé muda ba no servisu iha rai seluk la'ós ona nu’udár asuntu foun ida.